Flavored Coffees

$ 12.00

We use our dark roast to create these signature flavored coffee.  We will create this fresh for every order to ensure the highest quality. This blend contains beans from the South American and African regions including Kenya, Guatemala and Costa Rica. 12 oz bags


Almond Nougat - sweet sugary nougat with almond.
Amaretto - a sweet flavor with tones of almond and apricot. Non-alcoholic
 Birthday Cake - a sweet mix of coffee, cake and frosting, a definite crowd pleaser. 
Butterscotch - a mix of bright butterscotch and medium roasted coffee
Butter Rum - a non-alcoholic blend of butter and rum for a sweet buttery taste.
Coconut Creme - flavors of rich coconut swirled with the tastes of sweet cream.
Dulce de Leche - a nice mix of coffee, caramel and cream.
Hazelnut Creme - hazelnut flavor mixed with a dark coffee roasted to a natural chocolate flavor.
Highlander Grogg - contains hints of whiskey, vanilla and caramel.
Independence Pie - a combination of raspberry, cinnamon and white cake.
Irish Creme - a non-alcoholic flavor with a smokey aroma of chocolate, vanilla and caramel cream.
Maple Creme - maple syrup flavor with hints of fresh butter cream and milk.
Pumpkin Spice - a cup of thanksgiving in a cup.
Red Velvet Cake - a blend of soft cocoa and buttermilk frosting.
Salted Honey Caramel - the name says it all.
Salted Caramel - a nice blend of caramel with a hint of salt.

*Please note: our coffee comes whole bean. If you'd like us to grind it for you please indicate so during checkout. We charge $0.30 per pound to grind it.

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