Bourbon Barrel Coffee

$ 19.99

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We take only our best green beans and seal them in our fresh bourbon barrel for over 2 weeks allowing the green beans to draw in as much of the famous Willet bourbon flavor as possible. Then we roast the beans to a special and secret heat levels ensuring the flavor is trapped in each bean. Batches are produce when we have a new barrel and availability is limited so order now!

Our coffee comes whole bean. If you'd like us to grind it for you please indicate so during checkout.

*We currently only sell as whole bean and do not grind the beans. 


Please note: Our Bourbon Barrel coffee is aged to perfection so there might be a small delay in your order if we're waiting for a batch to age. If there is a delay we will reach out to you with the ship date and a delay is typically no more than 1-2 week as we have multiple barrels aging the coffee all the time.


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