Common Grounds Coffee House & Cafe

Welcome to Common Grounds Coffeehouse, where people from all walks of life can enjoy great food, drinks, fun, and fellowship!

We're a locally owned Coffee Shop with 3 locations in Lexington. We've worked hard to offer coffee and food produced and made locally. This is why we now roast our own coffee weekly. Stop by one of our stores and enjoy our freshly roasted coffee with a breakfast sandwich or come by mid-day and try our extensive lunch menu..

Coffee Cereal is Here!

That’s right! We’ve invented a whole new type of cereal. What’s better yet is each bowl of cereal has the same amount of caffeine as 1 large cup of coffee. So not only do you get a yummy breakfast but it will wake you up as well.

New Bumper Stickers!

Wanna be super cool? Its easier than you think. Come grab one of our new bumper stickers and slap it on your laptop or car bumper. You will instantly become trendy, cool and awesome!!!*

* Please note that we cannot guarantee trendy, super cool or awesome